How can I go green at home? [INFOGRAPHIC]

1st October 2021
Harrison Price

I think it’s fair to say that as collective users of our planet, we all have a part to play in ensuring that we leave a world where our children and grand children are able to enjoy life as much as we have.

Today, we’ve created a list and an infographic to show you some simple changes that can be made everyday to reduce your usage and help become a little greener.

Save water with a dual flush system

Don't flush it away

You can save 7-9 litres of water per flush if you use a dual flush system.

Invest in house plants

Not only do house plants reduce the CO2 in your house, they can improve your stress levels.

Change to low energy bulbs

Swap out your bulbs

Take action by swapping out your halogen lights with low energy or LED light bulbs – they last longer and consume less energy – improves your EPC too!

Opt for a reusable bottle instead of single use plastics

Invest in a water bottle

If not recycled, a plastic bottle can take 450 years to decompose. Cut down on single use plastics by opting for a reusable bottle.

Use the ECO setting on your appliances

Use the ECO Settings

If you use a dishwasher, remember to fill it up and use the ECO setting to reduce the number of washes and save energy.

Washing machines have ECO settings too! Full loads and air dry your clothes outside.

Mow the garden

When it comes to gardening, use a cylinder mower. It doesn’t run on electric or petrol, just your breakfast.
Compost your grass cuttings


Go a step further and put your grass cuttings to better use – get a composter. Vegetable peelings, fruit, tea bags break down fast and you can also add cardboard egg boxes, scrunched up paper and fallen leaves.

Green energy suppliers

Switch your energy provider

There are plenty of energy suppliers who specialise in greener alternatives. Ranging from solar farms to hydroelectric power, switching to a concious supplier means you’re doing your part and reducing your carbon footprint.

Rain water storage tank

Collect rainwater

Use the great British weather to your advantage and use collected rainwater to tend to your garden.

Wear your clothes out

Look to donate your clothes instead of binning them, there are plenty of clothes banks and charity shops that would be happy to give your clothes a new lease of life.

Soap bars not bottles

Soap bars, not bottles

We use 11 shampoo bottles on average a year, couple that with the number of soap bottles and its apparant that a lot of plastic can be saved by switching to a bar of soap or shampoo.

Install water restrictors

Restrict the water, not the flow

By introducing water restrictors in your faucets, you can reduce your water consumption. Your water flow should stay the same with no loss of pressure when installed.

Small changes everyday can make a big impact on both the planet and your spare change. We’re big on reducing energy consumption, talk to us today about how we can help.


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