About Measuring

Property measuring is what we do best! We aim to get your plan to back to you after our Quality Control checks. This can be as little as 24 hours.

We measure the entire property from top to bottom to give us the data to create your floor plan, scale plan, Land Registry compliant lease plan, section or elevation drawings. To do this, we use the latest up to date Leica measuring tools available and CAD design software.

We have over 10 years of experience in the property measuring industry. Because of this, you can be sure that we take every care to ensure the accuracy of every one of our plans.

Our surveyors are skilled and trained to a high standard to be able to conduct a Full Measured Survey. Our drawing team are fully equipped to produce the final product so we can deliver the drawing to you swiftly.

If you would like to learn more about our floor plan service or want a free floor plan quote, please contact us on

Reading Floor Plans: The Beginner’s Guide

Reading Floor Plans: The Beginner’s Guide

I remember looking through the classifieds and estate agents’ websites, seeing the plans they were presenting to they’re potential tenants and finding it difficult to understand how the house was being represented, especially if the plan didn’t reflect the true shape of the building. It was really confusing and frustrating. This guide is set out to show you exactly how to read a floor plan.