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About Floor Plan

A Floor plan or house plans help you with the identification of the geography of a property. They are the visual representation of a house. We use floor plans to ascertain the size of properties on the market as well as helping with the placement of furniture, entertainment equipment and outside areas.

They show the location of walls, windows, doors and stairs as well as fixed items such as kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures.

Harpr Surveyors can create your floor plan with a simple site visit and have your plan back to you the next day. We offer many style options including wall shading, room tones and branded plans.

All of our floor plans are drawn to the RICS Code of Measuring Practice to calculate the Gross Internal Area (GIA). We can, on request, measure and display the plan using the International Property Measuring Standard (IMPS) too.

If you would like to learn more about our floor plan service or want a free floor plan quote, please contact us on info@harprsurveyors.co.uk.

Reading Floor Plans: The Beginner’s Guide

Reading Floor Plans: The Beginner’s Guide

I remember looking through the classifieds and estate agents’ websites, seeing the plans they were presenting to they’re potential tenants and finding it difficult to understand how the house was being represented, especially if the plan didn’t reflect the true shape of the building. It was really confusing and frustrating. This guide is set out to show you exactly how to read a floor plan.