CAD Design

About CAD Design

CAD Design or Computer Aided Design refers to the process of using computers to help within a design process. Many industries use this process.

There are many different computer programs that offer CAD design services from simple 2D creation software to fully immersive 3D character and construction design.

At Harpr Surveyors, we use an array of CAD programs to achieve a high level of accuracy within the floor plans, scale plans, lease plans and architectural drawings that we produce.

Using these programs allow us to precisely design the relevant plan, elevation or section drawing to your specific needs. We can add colour and texture within the plans to give the drawings a better dynamic. Depending on the intended use of the plan, we can output your drawing with the relevant branded template.

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Reading Floor Plans: The Beginner’s Guide

Reading Floor Plans: The Beginner’s Guide

I remember looking through the classifieds and estate agents’ websites, seeing the plans they were presenting to they’re potential tenants and finding it difficult to understand how the house was being represented, especially if the plan didn’t reflect the true shape of the building. It was really confusing and frustrating. This guide is set out to show you exactly how to read a floor plan.