Harrison Price

Director & Surveyor

About Harrison

Harrison started his career in his late teens whilst studying at university; he decided to take a position at a property marketing company where he was trusted to survey and photograph properties ready for marketing.

This became his passion and he pursued the industry, this then matured into more detailed and specific plans surrounding commercial and residential dwellings.

His latest venture was in continued studies to allow the commission of building surveys and other RICS products.

He enjoys the projects he gets involved in along with a hot coffee to power him through to the next.

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Articles by us

Reading Floor Plans: The Beginner’s Guide

Reading Floor Plans: The Beginner’s Guide

I remember looking through the classifieds and estate agents’ websites, seeing the plans they were presenting to they’re potential tenants and finding it difficult to understand how the house was being represented, especially if the plan didn’t reflect the true shape of the building. It was really confusing and frustrating. This guide is set out to show you exactly how to read a floor plan.

8 Immediately Actionable Housing Improvements for a Better EPC Rating

8 Immediately Actionable Housing Improvements for a Better EPC Rating

We have collated and put together a list of the 8 easiest and immediately actionable improvements for a better EPC rating. Your Energy Performance Certificate is a required document when selling or letting your property and whether you’re looking to improve to make have a better rating, lower your carbon footprint or just lower your bills, we have the information you need to get started.